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                Our links are usually only one level down from our home page. This makes it easier for visitors to find, and will provide a greater boost to your search engine rankings. At other directory sites, your link may be hidden down many levels deep where no one will ever find it.

You will also notice that our links are true links in which the href property of the <a> tag contains your url. There are many directory sites that have dishonest links that search engine web crawlers can't follow.

Other directory sites make you place their big button graphics on your websites, using up your bandwidth. Date Site Reviews lets you hotlink to the button graphic on our server. Also, our button graphic is small and fast loading compared to the button graphics at other directory sites.

In order to ensure a desirable location in our listings, please sign up now. Those who sign up early will have a greater traffic boost because there will be fewer competing links on the same page.

In order to qualify for our free listing, you must place a reciprocal link on your website home page, or on a page directly accessible from your home page via a plain HTML link. The links page must not have a dynamic url (a url with a question mark in it). The link must be a direct link to Date Site Reviews and not a redirect link. The webmaster will hand check your site to make sure the link is there. The webmaster is tired of people submitting links that don't follow these simple rules.

We will edit the title of your site if the title submitted doesn't match the natural title based on your site's url and homepage. Too many webmasters are submitting spammy keyword titles.

The site submitted must be related to dating, personals, or something similar.

The exact style and location of the link at your site depends upon where you have your other links. We require your link to Date Site Reviews to be similarly situated with links to other directories. Please use this text link:

<a href=""><b>Date Site Reviews - Online Dating Service Reviews</b></a>

The above HTML code above produces the following text link (minus our default formatting scheme):

Date Site Reviews - Online Dating Service Reviews

After you have placed the link on your website, please fill out the form below, and within a week your website will be hand checked and an will be sent telling you if you qualifed for a listing in our directory:

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